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The 21st century today, the rapid development of industry and commerce, make limited earth resources continuously reduce, human face unprecedented energy crisis,

The emergence of solar energy products, let people renewed hope about the future of the earth, and LED solar street light, but also promoted the global lighting engineering

The three-dimensional process.

Cable for xing is located in high and new technology enterprise of science and technology base - shenzhen, is a collection research and development production and sales in the integration of new energy technology co., LTD. Over the years,

Has focused on the r&d and production of new type of solar outdoor lamps and lanterns. Multi-function photoelectric technology, intelligent control and infrared sensing technology, has been far ahead

Peer level, make the product differentiation is obvious, coupled with scientific management and competitive price, agents and distributors to create for the cooperation

More advantages, our company has a modern production workshop, the aging test workshop, fully automated SMT, plug-in workshop. What‘s the monthly output reached more than eight thousand sets,

Stable high-speed production, delivery of the various different requirements of customers, a variety of different specifications of products. In order to provide the best municipal and

The family lighting solution. Products are widely used around the world road, streets, courtyards, parks, scenic spots, outdoor, parking lots, etc. zhuo

The quality and first-class service, won the dealers and consumers love and trust from all over the world. The product innovation and quality of excellence as an enterprise

The core of strategy, adhere to strict quality management process, to ensure that all parts and finished products one hundred percent in accordance with industry standards.

In August 2013, the company independent research and development of integrated solar street light, high power series, forty, fifty tile, 60 watts, etc., created the international integration of high power

Solar street lamps, also accord with the export requirements of most countries in the world. Products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Australia,

New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, dubai, Jamaica, Chile, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on more than 60 countries and regions.

Cable for xing as the rising sun, uphold the business philosophy of integrity, quality, innovation, and achieve the grand goal of the enterprise, to continuously for the creation of human beings

Green energy saving of a new life!

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